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All pages currently available are listed in the menu above. The Constructing A Life blog is updated more often and contains the post on B12/Biotin Deficiency in Pets causing Neurological Issues that is circulating worldwide.

4/11/20 – new post Neurological and Autoimmune Reactions and Diseases : Vaccine and Medication Side Effects – Is This The Common Cause?


 “Being Thankful For” has a much deeper meaning than you may realize.

We can Thank people,

We can be Thankful To people,

But when we are Thankful For the people and things in our life, the circumstances we have encountered or the lessons, both good and bad, we have learned along the way,

We touch on something with a power and intimacy beyond a simple phrase.

A connection, a proof, we often overlook or dismiss.

To Whom do you give thanks?

This website was created to support the upcoming e-book that delves into the answer, and why we often say we are Thankful or Grateful For.

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