Faith – Do You See What I See?

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Do You See What I See?

On December 13, 2016, I was outside making certain my senior pup was OK as she was trying to go potty. I decided to take the opportunity to have a conversation with God – actually apologizing for not doing something the Holy Spirit set me up to do (long personal story, but maybe some of you know when you felt that “push” and you don’t follow through on something).

As I am discussing things with God, I look up at the clouds rolling in and I am suddenly awestruck by what I see….. I snapped the above three pictures right then with my cell phone that I happened to have in my pocket. Normally I am never outside with it at that time of night as this is my backyard and it is not for safety sake.

I understand there are many who will say it is “just coincidence” or that it is just a blob of clouds in front of the full moon. Everyone has a different perspective on things and it can change based upon what step of the journey you are on in life. Just like art, some see great things in random blobs of paint on a canvas that touches and affects them, while others simply see blobs of paint that look like a child flicked the paintbrush all over splattering the canvas and someone decided to call it art. We use our own filters to discern the things we encounter in life. Different strokes for different folks….. just as in musical preferences, TV shows and on and on.

The three pictures below each had a different “filter” used to enhance the same photo. Just like when we use sunglasses to help us filter the sun allowing us to see the details right in front of us. Or perhaps like when we are standing in the circumstances of someone we once looked at harshly or criticized, but can now better understand as we walk that same path. It can be amazing what a filter can do to even the simplest of pictures or circumstances.

exposure-colostretch  hs-1a  solarized-dream-iv

To me, I see the Holy Spirit. Never would I have dreamed I would encounter something so vividly. However, I am at a point in time where what is taking place is very significant. This “appearance” is significant – to me and for me. I didn’t dream it up – I have the pictures as proof.

We often overlook things in our life. “Signs” that we encounter.

I actually thought about not sharing this, but then realized that for even one person out there, it might be a sign, something that brings them hope or peace in knowing their faith is not in vain. God does exist and is still in control.

The picture below is a depiction of the Holy Spirit I found on the internet. Though the spirit comes in many forms, often a “whisper in our ear”, the Dove is often used to symbolize the presence. I personally think the resemblance quite remarkable.

hs  solarized dream iv (3)

“To one who has faith, no explanation is necessary.

To one without faith, no explanation is possible.”  – St. Thomas Aquinas


And for anyone curious as to the location – this was taken in New Jersey. Yes seriously, God does appear even in NJ!   😉





2017  Phyllis Esnes

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